Tips & Tidbits

Boater Etiquette
• Maintain a safe speed (slow speed in shallow water.)
• Follow slow, no-wake speeds within 100 feet of swimmers, skiers,, docks, piers or rafts and 200 feet from the shoreline.
• Do not operate a motorboat without a muffler or one that exceeds 86 decibels. How the land and water is used affects the well being of all.
• Display navigation lights between sunset and sunrise.
• Never chase, harass, or disturb wildlife. Enjoy them from a distance.
• Respect the rights of others. Operate your boat or Jet Ski with due regard for swimmers and anglers.
• Dispose of all trash, including food, properly.
• Prevent the spread of invasive weeds (eurasian milfoil, zebra mussels etc.) 

Catch  &  Release  large fish
Practice “catch and release” for larger members of legally harvestable game fish.  All suffer from dwarfing which affects not only the size distribution of each species, but the overall health of the lake. Keep the small fish.

Reduce Phosphates
Keep phosphate levels low. Build up Big Sand Lake’s shoreline vegetation to filter out phosphates. Avoid using fertilizers that run off into Big Sand Lake and asphalt surfaces close to the water’s edge that allow run off of unwanted chemicals.